CAUTION: Brewing Co opens -- and brews first batch of Lao Wang lager

We've been seeing tantalizing Facebook updates and tweets from CAUTION: Brewing Co. for a couple of months now, as Danny Wang and his partner, Betty Fey, revived the Odell Brewing's old five-barrel system and did some dry runs on the equipment, testing it out.

This past Sunday, though, the brewery made its first batch of beer for consumption, whipping up some Lao Wang Lager that will be sold at Wang's parents' restaurant, Lao Wang Noodle House.

The brewery live-tweeted its inaugural run, documenting every step and disaster -- including beer splattered all over the ceiling -- along the way.

CAUTION plans to brew a line of beers that pairs well with Asian food. When we talked to Wang about his plans last summer, he cited the light, crisp Asahi lager as inspiration. "Asian food goes well with lighter beers, so we'll begin there," he said.

Lao Wang Lager is in that vein, a blend that includes a secret blend of spices used in the Lao Wang kitchen.

And just in time, the noodle house could land its liquor license on April 8; it'll start pouring its exclusive lager shortly thereafter.

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