Celestial Seasonings rolls out kombucha energy shots

Like bubble tea and flavor-it-yourself water, kombucha is yet another trendy liquid. It's a tea-based beverage that's fermented with yeast and bacteria, which is supposed to yield some kind of "healthful" results -- or so we've heard. Healthful or not, the stuff does give you a bit of a boost, and now Boulder-based Celestial Seasonings has rolled out a new way to up your energy: kombucha shots.

The two-ounce shots come in berry, citrus and "extreme" pomegranate flavors, and are all vegan and gluten-free; they also contain guarana and B-vitamins. But be honest: You're not picking up an energy shot because it's good for you -- you're trying it because you want, well, energy.

So do these shots deliver? Absolutely. They're a touch bitter -- that's the fermented tea, we think -- but not nearly as awful as most of the energy shots on the market. And even the non-extreme berry and citrus flavors give you every bit as much of a kick as the disgusting 5-Hour Energy Shot, without that dreaded mouth-coating and aftertaste. In short, they're a great alternative to that handfuls of trucker pills you've been swallowing from the gas station (and probably much better for you -- if you care about that kind of thing).

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