Cheba Hut downtown has new murals by Gamma Acosta

Cheba Hut is much more than a pot-based joke. The small chain of "toasted" sub shops may be based in Tempe, Arizona, but it definitely appreciates local customers, local produce and local beers -- the Cheba Hut in downtown Denver has twenty Colorado beers on tap. And now it also has two murals by Longmont street artist Gamma Acosta. See also: - Gamma Acosta on Street Cred, graffiti and the importance of street art - Cheba Hut downtown puts twenty Colorado beers on tap - Cheba Hut finds itself in a sticky situation His style may still reflect the street, but Acosta has come a long way since he helped create a mural for a new teen dance club in Longmont a decade ago. These days, he works hard on one commissioned mural after another, at schools, restaurants, head shops, motorcycle dealerships, movie theaters and any other business willing to offer him a wall to claim as his own.

"I need to paint," he says. "If you take that away from me, we'd have a problem."

But no one has a problem with the colorful murals at Cheba Hut, which were just finished Sunday and fit right in with the store's psychedelic theme.

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