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Chef and Tell with Sean Kelly of LoHi SteakBar

"Nothing that goes on my menus gets there by accident," insists Sean Kelly, executive chef of LoHi SteakBar, the packed-to-the-rafters restaurant and watering hole that opened in June in Highland. "I have a tendency to make sure that everything is researched, and I try to be as true as possible to the classics and their culture. I want to understand where my food comes from."

Kelly, who made a major name for himself when he opened Aubergine Cafe (in the location that's now Mizuna), a highly successful restaurant that he followed with Clair de Lune and then, in the same space, Somethin' Else (in the location that's now Fruition), is one of Denver's most respected chefs, a twenty-year veteran on Denver's food front and a guy who doesn't get off on the pomp and circumstance of publicity. His last gig was sitting tall on the corporate chef ladder of the Little Pub Company -- an outfit that operates more than a dozen Denver restaurants and bars -- where Kelly kicked back behind the scenes and just did his thing. He's never been the kind of chef to demand the spotlight.

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Lori Midson
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