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Chef and Tell with Sergio Romero from Argyll Gastropub

"My goal," says Sergio Romero, "is to be on a wait as often as possible, to have people love our food and eat it up, and to provide an experience that's a little different from everything else in Denver." And the exec chef of Argyll Gastropub fiercely believes that the Cherry Creek hot spot (which will soon open a bar called Prohibition in the vacant space next door) that he oversees with owner Robert Thompson is well on its way to becoming one of the best restaurants not just in Cherry Creek, but in Denver.

"Look, we're never going to do molecular gastronomy here, but we have a great menu that's only getting better, and this whole gastropub thing? It's created a lot of excitement and buzz, and so far, the support we've gotten from our customers has been incredible," insists Romero. He sizes me up for a moment, wondering if he can divulge what's really on his mind. "Okay, so your former restaurant critic, Sheehan?" he begins. "He equated the gastropub movement with unicorns, and while it's pretty obvious that unicorns don't exist, all you have to do is look around to know that gastropubs aren't fiction."

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