Cherry Creek and Upper Larimer face off in our Street 16 tournament

Which neighborhood has better restaurants? Cherry Creek -- maybe the Duke University of Denver restaurant neighborhoods: prestigious, with a history of success and constant reinvention -- or Upper Larimer, the up-and-coming Ballpark neighborhood on a hot streak? (Maybe a Murray State comparison is apt.)

Cast your vote below, in this first round of Cafe Society's Street 16 food neighborhood tournament.

The skinny on Cherry Creek:

Cherry Creek has a long history of supporting some of this town's top restaurants, and although the dining options have been disappointing in the last few years, recently the neighborhood has taken on new life. Phat Thai, La Merise and Bisque all opened in the last year, joining such relative newcomers as Ondo's and Aria. The JW Marriott plays host to Second Home, one of the best hotel restaurants in town; across First Avenue, Elway's keeps packing in crowds carving steakhouse fare. And there's always the Cherry Cricket, one of Denver's most beloved institutions.

And now for this endorsement of Upper Larimer:

While lower downtown was turning into the fashionable LoDo, the area around Upper Larimer was known as NoDough. But that began to change with the construction of Coors Field, and seventeen years later, the 2100 and 2200 blocks of Larimer Street are some of the hottest in town, with Trillium, Ignite! and Biker Jim's brick-and-mortar restaurant last year joining a lineup that already included Marco's Coal-Fired Pizzeria and Twelve. But you can still get a taste of the past here, too, at Mexico City Lounge and Star Bar.

So, will it be tony Cherry Creek or the promising Upper Larimer?

Voting ends at 11:59 p.m., Sunday, March 18. Vote in more Street 16 match-ups.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.