Chipotle needs a new ad man? How about Adam Cayton-Holland?

Chipotle, the little homegrown company that got very big by selling big burritos, is looking for a new advertising agency. According to Ad Age, Chipotle only lasted nine months with New York's DeVito/Verdi, and now wants to stuff its $15-to-$20 million account into some other company's coffers.

"We are looking for an agency that wants to develop a long-term relationship with Chipotle," announced Steve Ells, Chipotle's founder and CEO.

A long-term relationship with Chipotle? The What's So Funny ad agency should have this burrito deal all wrapped up. After all, its founder and sole employee, Adam Cayton-Holland, has been eating Chipotle since he was just a scrawny East High kid.

In fact, Adam drew from his school experience to create a new Chipotle campaign two years ago, one that we're pretty sure is responsible for any recent success that the company's enjoyed. Read "Recipe for Success" here, and then tell us if you don't think Adam deserves a piece of the action.

Or at least a free burrito. -- Patricia Calhoun

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