Grab this burger at Chop Shop.
Grab this burger at Chop Shop.
Danielle Lirette

Reader: Colfax Is a Long Road, and There Are Better Spots Than Chop Shop

We just unveiled the 34th annual Best of Denver edition, and one of our toughest choices was determining the Best Restaurant on Colfax Avenue, a strip where new spots keep popping up. We went with Chop Shop Casual Urban Eatery (which recently opened a second location in Lowry), but one reader vehemently disagrees. Says Candice: 

Seriously, the Chop Shop? It's all right but the best restaurant on Colfax? Really? Honestly, some of the best food on Colfax is the Bourbon chicken joint: $8 for a fat plate of food. It tastes great and it's super cheap. I never got to check out everything; I moved away. But I did check out the Chop Shop and it's okay.

I am not dogging it, but I am not sure why Westword has these stupid categories and it's definitely not the best thing I ate on Colfax. It's a pretty long stretch of road.

Bourbon Grill has been a Best of winner in the past, but Chop Shop definitely has its fans. There's this from Jana:

 All right!!! Love Chop Shop!

And Amy:

Good food, indeed.

For the record, our readers' choice this year was Solera. What's your favorite restaurant on Colfax? Chop Shop? Bourbon Chicken? Solera? Or something else?

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