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Colorado State Fair promises food fit for ... a state fair

This year, the Minnesota State Fair is introducing corn dog pizza and camel-on-a-stick to its fair-worthy menu.

Meanwhile, Iowa debuted octopus-shaped "octodogs," and offered deep-fried pineapple and a number of other weird creations at its state fair, which wrapped up this past Sunday.

Deep in the heart of Texas, fairgoers can look forward to beer-filled pretzels, salad-on-a-stick and deep-fried frito pie this year.

What does the Colorado State Fair have up its sleeve for foodies in 2010?

Compared to the other state fairs, pickings are a little slimmer at the Colorado State Fair, with a paltry four new vendors, but hey, at least you can drink!. But just in case you were wondering, here's the newbie food line-up:

Fun Yogurt - self-serve frozen yogurt, featuring over 40 toppings.

Good Ol' Burgers - burgers by the half-pound and pound, along with a two-pound "Belly Buster."

Indian Summer Kettle Corn - flavors include jalapeño, chile lime and apple cinnamon.

Nachos Grande - build your own nachos from Newman, Georgia's Freund Family Foods.

All told, there are more than 50 food vendors at this year's Colorado State Fair. Look for barbecue, nori rolls, tempura and German and Greek foods alongside all the usual suspects, like green chili, roasted corn, pork chops and gyros.

Or see if you can get your hand's on some award-winning salsa.

The Colorado State Fair, held in Pueblo, starts tomorrow and continues through Monday, September 6.

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