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Reader: Denver Didn't Deserve Colt & Gray

Reader: Denver Didn't Deserve Colt & Gray
You have less than a week to experience Colt & Gray, which will close for good after it hosts one last Drink the Bar Dry party on December 21.

When the restaurant opened at 1553 Platte Street just over ten years ago, it changed the tenor of a quiet part of town whose landmarks were Paris on the Platte and My Brother's Bar; today the area is almost unrecognizable. So were many of the things that Colt & Gray chef Nelson Perkins would put on a plate, including sheep's head and lamb pancreas.

After former Westword restaurant critic Laura Shunk shared her memories of Colt & Gray, readers started dishing up their own.

Says Michael: 
Liked [Shunk's] Montparnasse cafe reference...particularly as some of us will remember Paris on the Platte on that block. While I don’t think there is anything about Denver that reminds me all that much of the Paris I know, I liked the reference and how you shared a chapter of your life in a place, in a city in a time that certainly doesn’t exist anymore. I think we’re lucky when we have chapters like those and realize we have to live the next one.
Adds Robert:
 Denver didn’t deserve this place.
Remembers Mike: 
Some good memories had over there for sure!
Counters Justin: 
Had the worst dining experience of my life at this restaurant. Service, food, everything was a disaster. See ya.
Replies Erin:
 I had some incredible meals here - sad to see it’s closing.
Kyle suggests:  
Denver was running out of ampersands for restaurant signage.
Responds John: 
Colt & Gray. Beatrice & Woodsley. Williams & Graham. I think there's about twenty or thirty restaurants I'm leaving out that utilize this same naming convention...
And Derek brings it back to basics: 
I so want the Sticky Toffee Pudding recipe!
What did you think of Colt & Gray? What do you think of the changes in that part of town? Post a comment or share your thoughts at westword.com.
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