Crazy Mountain Brewery in Edwards plans a second brewery in the Denver area

Crazy Mountain Brewing isn't leaving its home in Eagle County, but the rapidly-expanding beer-maker is looking for a spot in the Denver area to open a second brewery by the end of next year.

"We are certainly eyeballing that possibility, and all options are on the table," says Crazy Mountain founder Kevin Selvy. "We wouldn't be moving to Denver, just opening a second plant there. We might be looking at putting in a restaurant, too."

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Crazy Mountain brewed 6,100 barrels in 2012, but Selvy expects to more than double that in 2013, an astounding growth rate that means it will eventually run out of room in its current home. By comparison, Aurora's Dry Dock Brewing, which just opened an enormous new production facility to bolster its existing brewery, also expects to produce 12,000 barrels in 2013; Oskar Blues and Avery each brewed 13,000 barrels in 2007.

Although Crazy Mountain wants to deepen its presence in Colorado, the company also has national distribution plans. It currently sells beer in California, Texas, Florida, Ohio, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Oregon and Minnesota. It will soon add North Carolina and New York, and also plans to export beer to Sweden.

"The demand is certainly there," says Selvy, who opened the brewery in 2010. "Selling the beer is the easy part. Making it fast enough is the hard part."

Breckenridge Brewery recently announced that it will build a twelve-acre, $20 million brewing in Littleton by 2015 that is capable of making 120,000 barrels right away and up 500,000 eventually; the company also said it plans to sell its longtime home at 471 Kalamath to another brewery -- lock, stock and shiny barrels.

Selvy says he's aware of that opportunity, but that it's too early to know if it will work for Crazy Mountain. "I am looking at everything," he says.

Crazy Mountain currently distributes four kinds of beer in six-packs in the metro area and plans to begin selling four other styles in 22-ounce bomber bottles by next week: Cara de Luna, Horseshoes and Hand Grenades, Hookiebob, Old Soul.



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