Cuisine d'Nostalgia: Ten foods you only eat because you used to

There are foods we eat only out of sheer nostalgia. Foods that, like cigarettes, probably take a sliver of your life away every time you consume them. But really? Totally worth it.

Not only because they taste (for the most part) like what you remember from childhood, but because eating them again is like crawling under the afghan that your parents kept on that old couch you haven't seen (or sat on) for years. It's like time travel, yummy-style.

This is by no means a definitive list, since the number of dishes best served young is wide and varied -- but still, there are some delicacies that seem universal to generations X, Y, and Z. Or at least should be.

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Teague Bohlen is a writer, novelist and professor at the University of Colorado Denver. His first novel, The Pull of the Earth, won the Colorado Book Award for Literary Fiction in 2007; his textbook The Snarktastic Guide to College Success came out in 2014. His new collection of flash fiction, Flatland, is available now.
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