D Bar Reopens Friday, Spotlighting Dining, Drinks and Desserts in New Uptown Home

There are two things that restaurateur and Food Network chef Keegan Gerhard wants you to know about the new incarnation of D Bar: the new location at 19th and Pennsylvania is finally opening this Friday after a couple of months of delays, and it's not a dessert bar. Or more accurately, D Bar is not just a dessert bar. The new restaurant features a larger dining room with more than twice the seating of the old location and an ample bar stocked with beer, wine and liquor. There's still a dessert bar -- Gerhard's magic with pastries gaurantees a spotlight on sweets -- but the move to bigger digs means the restaurant can finally become what he and co-owner (and wife) Lisa Bailey intended all along.

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"We're the worst marketing people in the whole world," says Gerhard of the original choice to include the word "desserts" in the name of the restaurant. The emphasis was confusing at first, but Denverites soon learned that D Bar was putting out dinner fare to match the pastries, as lines out the door and hour-plus waits for tables attested.

Now the name is just D Bar, which Gerhard says stands for "dinner" and "drinks" as well as "dessert. The savory side of the menu has expanded with meaty bites like the short-rib raviolo and a half roasted chicken glazed with maple syrup and Frank's hot sauce, but also includes old favorites like the Southern Fried Belgian (chicken and waffles with a passport) and bacon mac and cheese. One of the chef's new favorite small plates is the pork wings: chicken-wing sized pork ribs -- meatier than standard baby-backs -- cooked to tooth-tender (no fork needed) with a miso barbecue sauce finish and sriracha ranch dipping sauce.

Also new is a retail section that will be open for breakfast with coffee, breakfast pastries, and other grab-and-go items. The retail counter will also make it easier for customers requesting cakes or other special-order items to get one-on-one service without having to jostle with restaurant guests. Gerhard notes that there will also be a cake display area where customers can see their special-order cakes get decorated and finished.

D Bar will be open for lunch and dinner from 11:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday (and until midnight on Fridays) with Saturday and Sunday brunch service begin at 10 a.m.

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