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Danny Wang says Lao Wang Noodle House will be open Friday

Earlier today, we posted the result of our Street 16 restaurant neighborhood tournament, and South Federal, which had been pitted against Lower Highland in the final showdown, took the prize...but one reader suggested that South Federal might have lost one of the very restaurants that pushed the South Federal neighborhood to victory.

Lao Wang Noodle House is a longstanding Chinese joint tucked into a South Federal strip mall that's renowned far and wide for its dan dan noodles, potstickers and xiao long bao (which we've learned are not made in-house...but still). But this morning, commenter Monopod wrote:

And then we saw this on a comment board on

If that was true, a whole bunch of Denver foodniks were going to be crying a river. I stopped by Lao Wang earlier today, and the space was dark -- but it's always closed on Sunday and Monday.

So we called Danny Wang, son of the owners, late this afternoon at Caution: Brewing, where he brews Lao Wang Lager specifically for his parents' restaurant (it's now on tap at the Denver Bicycle Cafe as well) along with several other beers. Asked about the rumors, he said that Lao Wang has not closed...but that his parents are doing some work on the space, which will reopen on Friday.

Can you imagine the mutiny that would ensue if it didn't?

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