Daves eat for free at Famous Dave's on August 1

Last year, we wrote about the Thornton Famous Dave's making Sunday Dave's Day, when anyone named Dave or David could get a free Bud or Bud Light.

Quite a deal, huh? Well, all five Colorado Famous Dave's are about to top that offer -- anyone whose first name is Dave, David or Davy can cash in on Sunday, August 1, when the restaurant is offering up free meals (up to $15) for any Dave around.

And if your middle name is Dave, David or Davy, you can still cash in on the fun with a half-price meal (they'll comp up to $7.50 of your meal price) on Sunday, August 1.

According to our calculations, there's still time to run to the courthouse and change your name officially before August 1 -- get on it!

You can find Famous Dave's at 7557 East 36th Avenue, 16539 North Washington Street in Thornton, 8330 Razorback Road in Colorado Springs, 2440 Highway 6 & 50 in Grand Junction and 2880 East Harmony Road in Fort Collins. For details, visit www.famousdaves.com.

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