Denver: Prepare to meat Fogo de Chao

Just got word that Fogo de Chao, the churrasqueiro that got its start in Rio Grande do Sul, Southern Brazil, is set to open in Denver on Thursday, July 23, at 1513 Wynkoop Street in a space that encompasses more than 14,000 square feet.

If you're not familiar with the Brazilian steakhouse chain, here's what you can expect: Fifteen cuts of cow, including picanha, a salt-licked, garlic-rubbed prime sirloin; a freakishly large salad and sides buffet -- bigger than the produce section in most markets -- with more than thirty items, from hearts of palm, mozzarella balls and sausages to cheeses, composed salads and smoked salmon; knife-wielding gauchos garbed in billlowy black pants nimbly moving from table to table peddling pit-roasted skewers of beef; and two very important cards on your table to indicate that you want more meat, like now (that's the green card) and a red card that signifies you need a cardiologist a whole lot more than you need another skewer.

Fogo de Chao will be open daily for dinner, and for lunch, beginning Monday, August 3.

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