Denver's Caution Brewing opens its second location, in Lakewood

Last night Caution Brewing opened its second brewery, a Lakewood spot called Caution West, and became the first Denver-based beermaker with two metro locations.

Founded in April 2011 by Danny Wang and Betty Fey, Caution's original brewery is situated in an industrial park in far northeast Denver. It includes a five-barrel brewing system and will house Caution's new canning line beginning in January. The new spot, in a shopping center along busy South Wadsworth Boulevard, has a smaller, three-barrel brewing system, but will act as more of a community oasis

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'There is something to be said about neighborhood watering holes with quality beer," says founder Danny Wang says. "We are taking a step away from the big-volume thing...this will be an experiment as much for us as it will be for the rest of the industry."

If it works, Wang thinks that some of the other breweries that have opened in the Denver area over the past three years may follow suit, opening up their own second locations.

Caution: West will ultimately have sixteen taps -- although just eight to start with -- and room for seventy people inside and on the covered patio. Some of the available beers include Lao Wang Lager, Card Your Mom Saison, Honey Matrimony Saison and Toaster Black Bat.

Although the brewery will be open six days a week, starting today, brewing operations won't actually begin until the first week in January, Wang says; in the meantime, Caution will serve beers that have been brewed at Caution: East.

"People stop by all the time and tell us we need to open now," he says. "The support has been nothing but amazing. There is a high level of awareness about us."

Caution is only the second brewery in Lakewood; the other is Ironworks Brewery & Pub.



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