Denver's Only Dedicated Malaysian Eatery Is ClosingEXPAND
Mark Antonation

Denver's Only Dedicated Malaysian Eatery Is Closing

Makan Malaysian Cafe always seemed like somewhat of an anomaly hidden in the Platt Park neighborhood at 1859 South Pearl Street. The food came across as just too bold and vibrant to be contained in its tiny shop in the heart of the quiet residential area. When chef/owner Karen Wee Lin Tan Beckman opened the place in 2012, there was only Park Burger across the street to help draw attention to the small stretch of retail shops, but over the past six years, the heady aromas of beef rendang, char kueh tiao and sambal spilled out the front door, enticing neighbors with unfamiliar spices as a destination in its own right.

Just this week, we picked that beef rendang as a more-than-suitable substitute for a winter bowl of beef stew, its rich coconut wallop and subtle heat providing a perfect tropical taste in the coldest months of the year. And the murtabak, a grilled flatbread sandwich bursting with curry-like flavor, was one of the best dishes we've eaten all year. But it turns out that you'll only have a few weeks left to get a taste of rendang and other specialties on Makan's menu; the restaurant posted the following note on its Facebook page today:

Dearest customers and friends,

The time has come for us to announce this. After about 6 ½ years, we are coming to an end of running this course and will be closing our doors soon. Our last day will be on Saturday, Dec 22nd, 2018.

We hope to see many of you in the next few weeks to bid our adieus and for one last hurrah. Thank you everyone for your patronage and fond memories, which we will carry into our next chapter.

Last call for a plate of Char Kueh Tiao! Or whatever else you loved on our menu.

If you've never sampled Malaysian cuisine, now is a great time to have your first taste. Once Makan is gone, Jaya Asian Grill, which also specializes in the food of Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and China, will be the only remaining option within Denver city limits.

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