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As I recall, the first place I used my fake ID was Marlowe's. When you're a teen, you're either ignorant of the consequences of using a fake ID (jail, fines, etc.) or dim-witted enough that you don't care about them. I was both. My faux ID was so bogus it looked like I'd found it at Disneyland, but since counterfeit IDs -- and those who studied them -- were much less sophisticated in those days, it still worked. And that was all that mattered. My equally delinquent friends thought that Marlowe's might be a good spot to test our luck since it wasn't the sort of bar where an underage person would go; their theory worked like a charm. Soon I was illegally drinking with people my parents' age -- yippee! In the spirit of that pre/post-teenager, I recently dropped by Marlowe's for a Mint Chocolate Chip Martini ($7.25). Made with Three Olives Chocolate Vodka, Creme de Cacao, White Crème de Menthe and about a quarter-inch of tiny chocolate chips at the bottom of the glass, it tasted a lot like Binaca with a splash of vodka and chocolate chips. I thought it would be an amazing drink if you were planning to kiss someone -- a thought that made me feel like I was on a bad episode of ElimiDATE (as if there were a good episode of ElimiDATE). A far more tolerable beverage for someone who doesn't need a fake ID to cocktail lawfully would be Marlowe's Ice Pick ($4.95), a terrific, grown-up version of raspberry lemonade -- thanks to the addition of Three Olives vodka. Don't let youth be wasted on the young; get wasted yourself with a few of these babies.
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Nancy Levine
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