Drunk baby gets hammered, wrecks bar (Friday video)

I have yet to show the video on the following page to my eleven-year-old kid, but when I do, I can absolutely guarantee you that he's going to want to know why the hell he has to wait until he's 21 to have a margarita. Give your ADD-addled kid a cocktail this Friday.


Leave it to the Swedes to make a hilariously weird and wacky video like the one above. Released this year, this clip is from the film Las Palmas, by Johannes Nyhom. It was co-produced by Joclo & SVT with support from -- wait for it -- the Swedish Film Institute and Rooftop Films. The music is by Bjorn Olsson and Goyo Ramos.

Below are a few selected scenes for those of you who can't watch the video. Happy Friday funday.

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