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Ed Kammerer, exec chef-owner of Highland Pacific Restaurant & Oyster Bar, on clams, Coastal cuisine and his career

Ed Kammerer Highland Pacific Restaurant & Oyster Bar 3934 West 32nd Avenue 303-477-6644

This is part one of my interview with Ed Kammerer, exec chef-owner of Highland Pacific Restaurant & Oyster Bar; part two of our chat will run tomorrow.

If your kid is a picky eater, Ed Kammerer is here to give you hope. The exec chef-owner of Highland Pacific Restaurant & Oyster Bar wouldn't touch anything that came from the sea when he was a kid. In fact, when he tried a fresh clam for the first time, he couldn't stomach it, spewing the flesh and hanging his head in embarrassment. And it wasn't until much later in his career, while he was working the line at a restaurant in Carmel, California, that he faced an even bigger demon: the oyster. "I remember just staring at the oysters, wondering what to do, and being egged on by someone in the kitchen to try one," says Kammerer. But when he finally mustered up the courage, it was a revelation: "I ate it and my whole world changed, and then I just dived into seafood after that. My whole world just opened up."

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