El Tazumal is closed, but something new is already in the works.EXPAND
El Tazumal is closed, but something new is already in the works.
Mark Antonation

Pupusas Are Out, Argentinian Is In on Santa Fe Drive

El Tazumal began serving Salvadoran pupusas and other specialties in the summer of 2017 at 258 Santa Fe Drive. While the restaurant never put up a permanent sign on the front of the building, a colorful mural depicting the Mayan pyramid that gave the place its name was advertisement enough, especially since the image also includes busy cooks turning out steaming baskets of pupusas.

But El Tazumal is now closed, and the mural, painted by Markarius Williams, could soon disappear. El Tazumal's owner isn't going anywhere, though. A note on the restaurant's Facebook page states that the place is just closed for remodeling, and signs in the front window indicate a change of name and cuisine. The space will soon become Carne, an Argentinian street-food eatery, under the same ownership. Expect empanadas and lomito (steak) and choripan (sausage) sandwiches.

While the mural is still eye-catching, it no longer represents the country or the style of food that will soon be served. We'll wait and see if the pupusas and Salvadoran scenery will be replaced with images of empanadas and pampas.

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