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Emilio's opening "The Cantina," sans Super Chef

Ever wonder what happened to the "Super Chef" sign at Emilio's? The restaurant, located at 338 East Colfax Avenue, seemed so keen to capitalize on the old school diner sign it found when it renovated its space that it resurrected the name and even called itself "Emilio's Super Chef" for a time. But the sign disappeared last summer.

Turns out nostalgia for the good old days might bring in customers, but it doesn't necessarily equal customer satisfaction. Restaurant owner Sergio Rodriguez says people were confused by the Super Chef sign, which included a hand making the "OK" gesture. Many came in expecting an Asian restaurant, he explains. (Huh?) Others came in primed for coffee and the greasy diner fare of old, an employee adds. (Care to reminisce?)

Rodriguez says he was reluctant to remove the sign, especially given its historical value, but at the same time, he didn't want to mislead people. So the Super Chef sign finally went the way of the original diner.

Meanwhile, Emilio's is moving ahead. The restaurant is slated to open "The Cantina" next door sometime next month, with a full bar and drink specials. Originally scheduled to open its doors mid-April, the Cantina has seen its official opening date pushed back pending approval of an expansion to the restaurant's liquor license.

Till then, we'll be happy with Emilio's $1.75 marg specials on Thursdays through Sundays from 4 p.m. until close.

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