Every Sunday is pajama day at Second Home Kitchen and Bar

I'm a staunch opponent of Chuck E. Cheese -- of any eatertainment children's trap (except Casa Bonita, natch) that gets its kicks by encouraging kids to behave like flying monkeys on amphetamines. And I've never been a proponent of restaurants that have a "special" play area just for kids, because kids should sit their butts down at the table just like everyone else.

But the pajama brunch at Second Home Kitchen and Bar, located inside the JW Marriott (150 Clayton Lane), just might be the thing to soften my cynicism, if only because of the bag of doughnuts, chicken and waffles, eggs and duck hash, bottomless mimosas and make-it-yourself Bloody Mary bar, all of which are part of Second Home's new Sunday brunch. And because kids need to eat, too, there's also a pancake and waffle bar, which is free for pajama-clad rascals, eight and under. At Casa Bonita and Chuck E. Cheese, the only thing you get for free is a migraine and heartburn, and, if you're really lucky, lifelong banishment.

Second Home's Sunday brunch runs from 6:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.; for more info, or to make reservations, call 303-253-3000. Don't forget your pillow.

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