Reader: With Fadó Gone, Where Will We Pay Too Much to Drink on St. Patrick's Day?
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Reader: With Fadó Gone, Where Will We Pay Too Much to Drink on St. Patrick's Day?

This past week saw the surprise closing of Fadó Irish Pub, one of the first spots to open in LoDo in anticipation of Coors Field; this past March it held its biggest St. Patrick's Day celebration. But just two months later, Fadó announced its departure from the neighborhood on Facebook with this: "It's with a heavy heart that we close our doors, but it's time to move...." The owners say they're looking for a new location; in the meantime, fans and foes alike have been responding to the news. Says Luigi:

Should've closed fifteen years ago. It stopped being an Irish pub and more of a kegs-and-eggs place.  It wouldn't surprise me when it either turns up in Stapleton or the new Zeppelin joint. Oh, the humanity...

Or maybe it should head north, suggests Pete: 

I love Fado's. How about moving Fado to Fort Collins? Remember, we have a brand-new stadium opening this summer. Tons of college-age adults, and a great economy propped up by high-tech companies, Wyoming and Nebraska weekend tourists and a major university. Plus, one of Americas top 10 cities to retire in. Fort Collins, the choice city.

And then there's this from Christian: 

But where will we spend $20 to get into a sub-par bar that sells $10 beers on St. Patrick's Day next year?

What did you think of Fadó? What's your favorite Irish bar in town? What's your favorite bar in LoDo?

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