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Fifty years later, Swift's Steak House is changing its name

Swift's Steak House #4 just got a liquor license and will soon start pouring booze, as well as serving dinner. But that's not all that's changing at the Greek diner, located at 8 South Broadway.

Owner Ismini Giakouminakis says the restaurant is also changing its name. "In the next week probably," she predicts. While refusing to divulge specifics, she concedes that the name change will be a complete one, erasing any trace of the "Swift's" moniker.

Which means the place will also shed the confusing "#4" attached to its current name, a relic of a time when there actually were three other Swift's Steak Houses. Making the change even more attractive is the fact that there are two other nearby restaurants with the name "Swift's," and ancient ties to the 8 South Broadway spot.

While Swift's Kitchen, located at 4300 West Colfax Avenue, and Swift's Breakfast House, at 932 Santa Fe Drive, share ownership, they aren't unaffiliated with Giakouminakis's restaurant.

Bill Gateos, who owns Swift's Kitchen and Swift's Breakfast House, says there were indeed four Swift Steak Houses in the distant past; his family owned all of them. But Gateos sold all the steakhouses some time ago.

The only one still standing is #4, which opened in 1960. Gateos sold it about fifteen years ago, and Giakouminakis bought it four years ago.

For more information on the sole remaining Swift's Steak House, call 303-777-9923.

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