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First Look: Japango gets back to business in Boulder

Japango, a cramped sushi restaurant on Boulder's Pearl Street Mall, closed its doors this summer for a quick remodel. Now it's back in business with a lot more space and couple of cool additions.

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"We expanded about 50 percent in size and added about 30 percent in seating capacity," says Dean Dostert, one of the Japango's managers. "Also, a fourteen- person bar, a lounge area and a jellyfish tank."

That's right, a freakin' jellyfish tank! How awesome is that?

There will also be a patio on Pearl, in what used to be the entranceway -- that last bit of construction is still being finished. But while many changes were made at Japango, the owners didn't forget what's important here: the food.

"We improved the kitchen a little more, new appliances. We've added a few new sushi chefs and couple chefs in the back-of-house as well, but Iwasa (Yukiji) is still our master sushi chef," says Dostert.

Japango reopened quietly on September 28, before making a public announcement, to get a feel of the place for a week or so before going full steam.

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