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First look: John Holly's Asian Bistro opens on South Gaylord Street

John Holly's Asian Bistro, which already boasts a duo of outposts across the city, including one in Lone Tree and a second in the Harvard Gulch neighborhood, just upped the count to three with this week's opening in Washington Park, taking over the former Japon space at 1028 South Gaylord Street. The interior, which owners Cichi Shi and Andy Huang completely gutted, save for the bar area overlooking the streetscape, is pure modern Zen and serenity, with one wall devoted entirely to a water feature bobbing with sparkling bubbles. The menu, which includes a comprehensive sushi syllabus, is complemented by familiar Chinese dishes, a smattering of Thai curries and a few Korean and Singaporean plates. And if your pockets are deep, there's braised abalone, too: $108 for eight ounces; $208 for sixteen ounces. John Holly's is open for lunch and dinner daily, and if you live in the Wash Park 'hood, delivery is free with a minimum order of $15.

Here's a peek at the space and some of the dishes to look forward to.

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