First Look

First Look: La Loma Opens Downtown Tomorrow

La Loma closed the doors on its home of 35 years a week ago, but fans who have been following the Mexican restaurant's moves knew that they wouldn't have to wait long for an order of crispy mini-rellenos, a big margarita or an order of green chile. La Loma reopens tomorrow, November 1, at 1801 Broadway (the entrance is actually on Tremont Place), in the former home of the Trinity Grille.

The grand opening will include complimentary cocktails and a ceremonial barrel filling at 7 p.m., when an oak barrel will be filled with thirty gallons of Arta tequila.

Denverites had been planning ahead during the six-plus months that the move was in limbo, so if you don't have a reservation for the grand-opening festivities, you might be too late (call 303-433-8300 or check La Loma's reservation web page). In case you can't make it, here's a sneak peek at the new La Loma, which captures some of the ambience of the original eatery, with exposed brick, wrought-iron details and wood beams.

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