First Look: Roosevelt offers a new deal for drinkers

Greg Gallagher knows bars -- he owns Gaslamp and the Front Porch -- and he knows the part of town on the edge of LoDo, where both of those bars are located. So he knew what he wanted, and what would work, when he decided to open another bar right next to the Front Porch on 15th Street in Writer's Square, in the former home of Tryst. (That bar has since moved a block down 15th Street.) "I wanted to create an American bar," Gallagher explains. "I've gone to so many different places with an American theme, and it's just tacky...football helmets and a flag on the wall. I wanted something that would embrace the small spirit companies and craft beer being made here." And he gave the bar a name that evoked Americana: Roosevelt.

The bar, which opened last night and is now pouring daily from 5 p.m. to 2 a.m., does emphasize mixology and craft cocktails, he notes, but with a more "come-as-you-are accessibility." Photographer Brandon Marshall stopped by there last night, and sent back these shots of this Roosevelt's new deal. See also: Tryst to reopen at 1320 15th Street

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