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First look: Thailicious opens in Edgewater

Back in October, when I announced that a new Thai restaurant --Thailicious -- was opening in Edgewater, I also recounted a weird incident that occurred when I came face-to-face with Ramon Garcia, the restaurant's rather odd general manager, whose suspicious nature resulted in an ID check. Garcia, not surprisingly, is no longer at Thalicious, but the restaurant's owner, Nithiwadee (Bee) Anantatho, who couldn't be more gracious, is, as is her husband and chef Surachai Surbotsopon, both of whom are originally from Bangkok but moved to Denver in 2011 to join Surbotsopon's sister-in-law and open a restaurant indicative of their heritage. "I love food, especially Thai food, and when we first moved to Denver, my sister-in-law took me to lots of Thai places, and I realized that there was something missing -- something more special that we could offer to guests," says Anantatho. "We wanted to open a restaurant that was more relaxed and elegant, and we wanted to introduce some Thai dishes that were representative of Bangkok -- dishes that we hadn't seen in Denver," she adds.

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