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First peek: Behold Mary Nguyen's Street Kitchen Asian Bistro

Street Kitchen Asian Bistro, the first brick-and-mortar to open in the Vallagio at Inverness (Russo's Kitchen + Tavern and a second Marco's Coal-Fired Pizzeria will open in the same development in February), is Mary Nguyen's second restaurant (her first is Parallel Seventeen in Uptown), but just two days after opening the doors, Nguyen, her staff and kitchen comrades have seamlessly woven their way into the suburban fabric, turning out inspired Asian cuisine that draws from Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, China and Malaysia.

"We just kind of opened the doors quietly, but we've been really busy, and I'm super happy about being down south," says Nguyen, who opened on Tuesday. "I've been talking to a lot of the customers that have come in, and they're all telling me that this area needs more independent restaurants."

After a marathon dinner last night, at which we greedily grazed from Nguyen's menus, one of which is solely devoted to Asian street food and sushi rolls, we're keeping our fingers crossed that this is just the beginning of more -- much more -- to come from Nguyen, who can cook her ass off.

A scroll through our pictorial essay should convince you of the same.

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Lori Midson
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