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Five amazing fast-food holiday treats for 2012

The holidays bring out the very best in fast food restaurants (and sometimes in their customers who can be more easily shamed into not behaving like dingleberries in long lines), especially when it comes to seasonal drinks and desserts of the minty, eggnoggy and gingerbread-y type that we don't have access to the rest of the year. And absence makes the heart and digestive system grow fonder. Here's our list of the top five 2012 fast food holiday items. If only there was a holiday-themed McRib. Maybe if everyone asks Santa this year?

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5. Peppermint Pinkberry

People are far less likely to be diet-nazis during the holiday season, and although Pinkberry does have lower cal frogurt options, once you blanket your cup in caramel sauce and cut-up candy bars you are pretty much f*cked. This year's holiday season is being made just a bit brighter with Pinkberry's lovely pink-hued peppermint frozen yogurt -- fantastic by itself -- but even better smothered in chocolate sauce and crushed peppermint bark candy. (Don't bother resisting.)

4. Starbucks Caramel Brulee

With the salted caramel food trend at a peak, it's actually refreshing that Starbucks is offering something caramelly but different than its roster of other holiday beverages. This sweet, burnt-caramel latte is a fine addition to its pantheon of already-insanely-popular ones like the peppermint mocha, white chocolate mint mocha, gingerbread and eggnog lattes, and whatever Frappuccino flavors the elves at Buckies conjure up to keep us all coming back to get coffee three times a day, every day.

3. Chick-Fil-A Peppermint Chocolate Chip Milkshake

It is an absolute pity that the powers-that-be at Chick's are continuing to be homophobic jerk-asses down to their mistletoenails, because their minty, chocolate-chippy shake is super-delicious. But alas, not one of these frozen treats will touch my lips this year -- or any other year -- until the anti-gay Scrooges put an end to the fowl play at Chick-Fil-A.

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