Five perfect holiday wine gifts for every budget

'Tis officially the season, wine lovers. Christmas is a mere thirteen days away, and if you're anything like us, then you've barely thrown out your Thanksgiving leftovers, never mind purchased anything sparkly or bright for your loved ones. The good news? We've made a list of all the primo wine-related goodies we're hoping Santa brings us this year, any of which would suit the oenophile you're shopping for, too. Read on for five of the most desirable gifts for wine lovers -- that are perfect for every budget.

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Budget-friendly (but still bomb) gifts: You know the feeling: that moment when you realize you've forgotten to buy something for the Secret Santa exchange in your office, or you're headed to a holiday gathering and don't want to show up empty handed. Situations like these call for a gift that proves you made an effort but doesn't cut into the gift-giving dollars you're hoarding for the most important peeps on your list. For less than a $20-spot, scoop up The Waiter's Friend Corkscrew from Le Creuset, the anti-Rabbit wine key that flawlessly opens wine bottles in under two minutes (and doesn't require an entire kitchen drawer to store it), or a set of pro-quality, microfiber polishing cloths from vaunted crystal maker Spiegelau that will have wine glasses looking extra glossy. Clever, cool wine gifts for under $50: Three words: Bacon and wine. Yep, we can hardly think of a more crave-worthy gift (or a better lesson in the magic of wine pairing) for the foodie-hedonist in all of us than The Infinite Monkey Theorem's brilliant Bottles & Bacon gift package. This luscious mashup includes one bottle each of the Denver-based label's Blind Watchmaker red and white offerings, plus a full pound of porky-licious Tender Belly bacon, all tied up with a bow for $40. Three more words? Yum and done. Alternatively, but no less impressively, give the gift of *not* getting a DUI to anyone on your list who loves to party with an Uber gift certificate. Uber launched its mobile app-driven, on-demand car service in Denver last summer to much fanfare, and freed us from having to deal with crazy taxi drivers.

A blowout, ballerific gift for that special someone: Want to impress the one you love, who really, really loves wine? Give them something to help keep their most precious bottles in pristine condition -- a Wine Enthusiast wine refrigerator. Granted, it's $329, but it's also stylish, practical and best of all, has two separate temperature-controlled zones for keeping your whites and reds perpetually service-ready. And you're sure to receive a gift in return -- sharing the sipping pleasure of all that perfectly chilled wine stored inside.

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Kendra Anderson