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Five reasons Paula Deen deserved to get fired

I had Paula Deen's back (for the most part) when she finally divulged that she had type II diabetes, but I'm afraid that butter-bump's latest scandal is indefensible.

For those of you not in the butter zone (or on the earth), Deen dipped herself in a deep fryer during a deposition in a discrimination lawsuit that a former employee filed against Deen and her brother Bubba. Deen admitted that she'd condoned racist jokes and tolerated Bubba's porn in the workplace and used racial slurs herself, including "nigger." This admission got her canned from the Food Network like sweet corn; Smithfield Foods dumped her, too, and her deal with QVC might be headed for the ashcan. But Deen deserves no sympathy.

Here are five reasons why Paula Deen deserved to get fired. Bon voyage, queen of butter: Your hardcore fans may be behind you, but I'm stepping off the gravy boat.

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Jenn Wohletz
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