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Five Valentine's Day sweets that get the message across

With the day dedicated to love bearing down upon us, our minds churn to delicious yet decadent products that we can share with another -- or use to assuage our sad, single, solo hunger. XO marks the spot For decades, Le Bakery Sensual has been cooking up trouble in Denver, with everything from titillating titty cupcakes to bachelorette party blow-job cakes. But the bakery at 300 East Sixth Avenue can also create more restrained, sophisticated goodies, including these XO cookies that should provide a sweet prelude to the lewd activities sure to follow. Free willies Keep abreast of all potential romantic developments by laying in a supply of After Dinner Nipples and After Dinner Willies, miniature chocolate goodies that will definitely melt in your mouth, not in your hands. Forbidden fruit And if chocolate isn't your favorite, how about some fruit flavor to savor? Appropriately enough, the Succulent Fruity Boobs are soft and the Succulent Fruity Willies are hard. Double D loving cups Don't let the Brits have all the fun on Valentine's Day. The Japanese have served up a double D loving cup of pudding treats. I love U! And finally, here's a tin of candy that says it all.

Even though Valentine's Day itself comes just once a year, these confections could help you pick up the pace.

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