Cafe Society

From twelve to Trader Joe's, a second helping of Cafe Society: November 4-8

This week Gretchen Kurtz reviewed twelve,Jeff Osaka's restaurant that will celebrate its fifth anniversary with a big bash Monday. For Chef and Tell, Lori Midson talked to Jesper Jonsson of Randolph's about his long culinary trip to the Warwick Hotel. And Mark Antonation reached New China Kitchen in his Federal Case series.

We also discovered that some trouble has been brewing in the micro-brewery world, with Former Future Brewing hit with a cease-and-desist letter even before it opened its doors. And we learned that the first three Trader Joe's stores in Colorado will open on February 14, 2014.

In other news on the Denver dining scene....

Opening This Week: Atomic Cowboy/Denver Biscuit Co, 141 South Broadway, an offshoot of the popular Colfax Avenue combo Gigi's Cafe in Megafauna, 3102 Blake Street Grist Brewing, 9150 Commerce Center Circle, Littleton La Biblioteca, 1610 Little Raven Street *formerly Al Lado) Jagged Mountain, 2000 Lawrence Street

Closing This Week: Cantina Chino Latino And in bad news for lovers of faux '50s diners, we reported on the closing of the original Gunther Toody's at 4500 East Alameda Avenue, and the Johnny Rockets location on the 16th Street Mall.

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