Gaea's Harvest bar tastes good -- but is it good for you?

Edibles are a big part of the medical marijuana industry, and as a companion piece to Mile Highs and Lows, our weekly dispensary review, Westword will be serving up occasional edible reviews. Enjoy this first taste as William Breathes turns his critical eye - and tastebuds - to Gaea's Harvest Almondeus Milk Chocolate and Almond Bar:

Some of the more professional-looking mmj candy bars available around town come from Gaea's Harvest. Although the slick packaging had caught my eye before, I hadn't actually bought one until I visited Mile High Medical -- when I couldn't resist the dangerously delicious milk chocolate and almond bar.

Even after it sat in my fridge for an hour, the first bite was a gooey, chocolate mess (the ginger paste was responsible for that melting texture) with a definite ganja taste, which was soon overpowered by the rich chocolate and ambrosia honey.

Since the wrapper says the treat contains two grams of concentrated cannabis in the form of ganja coconut oil -- and has a "level 4" in potency -- I started out with half of a bar. But 45 minutes after eating it, I was merely a bit sleepy, with a slight, floating feeling. So I finished off the bar, and two hours later, I was feeling very contented and was no longer stressing over deadlines. Still, I expected more. This bar is a rich, textured snack and a good way to boost your THC levels, but I don't think I'd look to it for a day's source of medicine.

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William Breathes
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