Get ready for meals on wheels

The era of the food truck is heading right for us, with a few kitchens already roaming the streets, supplementing less mobile, but no less hip, enterprises like Biker Jim's, the Gastro Cart and Pinche Tacos. Use Twitter and Facebook to find out when and where you can sample these gourmet goods.

Comida: Rayme Rossello, who brought us Proto's, Mateo and Radda, has a new project: a big pink truck dishing out Mexican feasts in neighborhoods around Boulder County. Comida took to the road on May 17, and Rosello donates 1 percent of its sales to projects aimed at feeding the hungry. Find Comida at www.eatcomida.com, @eatcomida.

The Denver Cupcake Truck: Cake Crumbs Bakery went mobile in April, delivering Denver's dessert fiends their fix in the form of cupcakes with flavors like Rockin' Red Velvet, Vanilla Party and Chocolate Lemon. Owner Denon Moore and her husband, Sean, offer incentives to Twitter followers, including parties and T-shirts. Find the cupcake truck at www.cake-crumbs.com, @cakecrumbstruck.


Hosea Rosenberg

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The Biscuit Bus: May 1 saw the debut of the Biscuit Bus, the frisky vehicular counterpart to a breakfast joint inside the Atomic Cowboy. A limited line of morning offerings is available from the truck, including the Franklin, a mix of fried chicken, bacon, cheese and gravy, and the Jack Lee, which pairs bacon with grape jelly; it's already become a consistent presence at the farmers' markets in Cherry Creek and Stapleton. Find the Biscuit Bus at www.denbisco.com/biscuitbus, @denverbiscuitco.

StrEat Chefs: Chef Hosea Rosenberg was the executive chef at Jax Fish House in Boulder when he won Top Chef in its fifth season. Now he's jumped on the mobile-dining trend, with plans to hawk global street food — everything from banh mi to grilled cheese — from a tricked-out Airstream trailer slated to hit the streets this month. Find StrEat Chefs at www.streatchefs.com, @strEATchefs.

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