Getting educated at Yaffa's and Linger: A second helping of Cafe Society August 19-23

This week, Gretchen Kurtz explored the Mediterranean fare at Yaffa's Savory, 2200 South Monaco Parkway, where chef-owner (and former educater) Yaffa Hanouna is living her dream as a full-time restaurateur. And Lori Midson caught up with Marty Steinke of Linger about his decision to drop out of his last semester of college to pursue a career in food. Keep reading for more of this week's action.

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Restaurants/Markets Opening this week*:

Diebolt Brewing, 3855 Mariposa Street Hurricane Grill & Wings, 8025 West Bowles Avenue, Littleton Modmarket, 3475 South University Boulevard Uno Mas Cantina Y Taqueria, 1585 South Pearl Street

Temporarily closing this week:

Taki's Restaurant & Sushi Bar, 341 East Colfax Avenue Eden, 3090 Downing Street

* or earlier, and not included in last week's roundup.

Any news we missed on Cafe Society this week? Post it in the comments section below. And remember, you can write your own review of any of the places mentioned on Cafe Society by clicking on their Voice Places link.

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