Guy Fieri's rock-and-roll culinary road show comes to Denver on December 9

Two weeks ago, on November 18, Tony Bourdain stopped in Denver for a talkfest at the Buell, in which he wore a Biker Jim T-shirt (and called Jim's dogs the "pinnacle of American food"), slandered Sandra Lee and Rachel Ray, deemed Chris Angel a "douche" and called the contestants on Hell's Kitchen "delusional, completely inept, spastic fucking freaks."

And then, to an equal number of claps and gasps, he said this: "Guy Fieri should take those stupid fucking sunglasses off the back of his head. And, Jesus, that hair? I mean, the guy's forty fucking years old, man." Compared to how Bourdain has described Fieri in the past -- "Did you ever see the Simpsons episode where it's decided that Itchy and Scratchy need a sidekick? So a committee gets together and they invent one called Poochie.... Guy Fieri kind of looks like he's been designed by that committee" -- his commentary on Fieri at the Buell was relatively tame.

Still, Fieri (real name: Guy Ramsay Ferry), who's the host of three Food Network shows, including Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, will take the stage at the Paramount Theatre on Wednesday, December 9, as part of his own Guy Fieri Road Show, a Knuckle Sand Production First Ever Rock 'N' Roll Culinary Tour.

It's not entirely clear how or if the bleached-blond Fieri will address the feud between him and Bourdain during his Denver stop, but the television personality, restaurateur (he's co-owner of Johnny Garlic's and Tex Wasabi's) and author isn't exactly renowned for his neutrality. Or his passivity. To wit: His show has two opening acts, the first hosted by Hayden "Woody" Wood, an Australian bartender who's an entertainer and educator on all things liquid; the second featuring a local "celebrity" chef, who is none other than Frank Bonanno, owner/chef of Mizuna, Osteria Marco, Bones and Luca d'Italia. Frank's job, says Fieri spokeswoman Brianne Carmody, is to "entertain the crowd and rev them up for when Guy takes the stage with an unscripted and wildly entertaining performance, complete with interactive cooking stations, demos and behind the scenes stories from the road."

If that sounds like your kind of shtickery, you can purchase tickets, which range from $25 to $250, at www.paramountdenver.com.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.