Happy Coffee will open next year in the Fancy Tiger Crafts space

Scott Taylor will be closing his Happy Coffee kiosk inside Salvagetti Bicycle Workshop this Friday, and then open a full-size coffee shop this spring at Ellsworth and Broadway, in the space now occupied by Fancy Tiger Crafts.

"The bike-thru coffee thing: It didn't work," says Taylor, who owns the bike shop and opened Happy in April 2010, hoping to attract cyclists who needed a quick cup-a-joe, and maybe a tube or a patch kit. "I bet it will work in three to five years, but not yet."

Instead, he wants to treat Denver to an upscale coffee drinking experience, where everything from the water to the roasting to the equipment is carefully watched. He even sent his barista to Portland to be trained by the roasting companies he'll use. The new location will not include a bike-thru.

The key to Happy Coffee, though, is the corner where it will be. "We were offered the the best location in the entire city for a coffee shop," he says, explaining that the Fancy Tiger's owners picked him because they were already going out of their way to Salvagetti, which is located at 1611 Platte Street, to get their morning magic.

Fancy Tiger Crafts, meanwhile, is moving up the block to 55-59 Broadway, where it will be reunited with its sister clothing store in the first week of January, and joined in the building by the Buffalo Exchange.

The change also means Taylor can bring back his shop-dog, Myra, who was "fired" after the city's code inspectors said she couldn't hang out at Happy. "She's been mopey since then," Taylor says. "She doesn't know yet that this is happening."

Taylor says he has some renovation work to do in order to turn the 1,500-square-foot space at 1 South Broadway into a coffee shop, but hopes to open in the first quarter of 2012.

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