Forty-ounce bottles of rosé are on sale at very few Denver liquor stores.EXPAND
Forty-ounce bottles of rosé are on sale at very few Denver liquor stores.
Lindsey Bartlett

Here's Where to Get That Forty-Ounce Bottle of Rosé in Denver

Forty ounces to freedom. Yes, the famous forty-ounce bottle of rosé wine that the country is suddenly thirsting for can be purchased in Denver.

Right now, there appear to be only three liquor stores in town that carry the rosé made by Forty Ounce Wine: The Proper Pour, inside the Source, Molly's Spirits and Proof Wine and Spirits on Larimer Street in RiNo. According to Mary Wright, wine aficionado and partner of Proper Pour owner McLain Hedges, the rosé is the second in a series of bottled wines from Forty Ounce, a small French company; the first was a white Muscadet. When Proper Pour saw the rosé forty was coming, the company pre-ordered as many cases as it could. And suddenly, the forties of rosé were in such high demand that pre-order became the only way retailers could get their hands on them.

Each bottle goes for $17 before tax, and the Proper Pour has only a handful of cases left. Once they're gone, they're gone. (But before you run over to the Source, take note that it's currently hidden by a huge construction project; parking is being redirected to the structure to the south.)

Mission Control Liquor Station, on the ground floor of the Lumina apartment building in Highland, hopes to get a shipment in next week. Three cases were sold out in less than a week at Marczyk Fine Foods on East 17th Avenue, which still has bottles left of the Muscadet. Marczyk's East Colfax Avenue location does have a few rosés left, but unfortunately, you won't be able to get them this time around unless you're already on a list. "It's kind of crazy," says Adam Segura, wine purveyor at the Colfax store. "We had it for two months, and everybody was like, 'What is this?' And then suddenly, about two weeks ago, they were just gone. Everyone wanted to try it."

Segura hints that there may be more rosé released in June, as the winemaker in France bottles more. In the meantime, follow Forty Ounce Wines on Instagram for updates and new releases.

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