Hideaway Kitchen & Bar updates its menu, starts booking acts for amphitheatre

Yesterday we caught up with Steve Progar, who's moved from Abusci's to the Hideaway Steakhouse, which opened two years ago next month in Westminster.

That Hideaway is not to be confused with Hideaway Kitchen & Bar. But it often is, says Dante Tripi, now the chef at Hideway Kitchen & Bar. And as it turns out, this Hideaway has been going through some changes of its own since it opened last fall. See also: - Steve Progar leaves Abrusci's, lands at Hideaway Steakhouse - Photos: Hideaway Kitchen & Bar opens in Genesee - Hideaway Steakhouse opens today in Westminster

The Hideaway replaced the Genesee Towne Cafe, a German restaurant for more than two decades, gutting the space and turning it into a true hideaway.

The opening chef, Michael Powers, came with a background not only in cooking, but in booking talent. In fact, he was interviewed for the job job in the amphitheater that just happened to be located behind the restaurant. And now Powers has left the kitchen in order to focus on other projects at the Hideway, including booking and expanding the amphitheater for spring and summer.

Tripi, who was the restaurant's opening sous chef, is now the chef. "Four months in, business is increasing -- everything is great," Tripi says. "We're a lot busier than what we expected."

And Hideaway has overhauled the menu to reflect what's working with diners. A few of the original staples, including pad Thai and paella, have been kept, but Tripi has also introduced rack of lamb and pork osso bucco, which has proven so popular that "I bought out the whole entire Shamrock company," he says. And more fresh fish dishes have also been added to supplement the sushi offerings. "Our idea is comfort food without ethnic boundaries," he explains. "Classic dishes that would be found around the world, but we give them a different perspective."

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