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Highland's Garden Cafe pulls up stakes for the season

At this time of year many people start thinking about putting their gardens to bed. But chef Pat Perry has put the entire Highland's Garden Cafe to bed. At the end of service on Saturday, August 31, the restaurant -- two linked Victorian houses surrounded by lush gardens -- closed for the season. With the exception of a few holiday events and private parties, Highland's Garden Cafe is closed until next April. See also: Root Down takes off at DIA, Cafe Berlin closes...our Restaurant Roll Call for August

Here's the end-of-season message sent out by Highland's Garden Cafe chef/founder Pat Perry:

Ladybugs in the lettuce I love it when I open a box of greens and find a ladybug waiting to greet me! This fearless, tiny red-coated warrior has been long considered a good omen by farmers, gardeners and cooks. She has a huge appetite for pests in the garden and protects the flowers and crops by eating aphids and others bugs. Her very presence promises good luck, joy and safe travel. They say as you set her free, make a wish.

When we opened the café 20 summers ago, my goal was to serve quality ingredients, simply prepared in a quiet and welcoming garden. I wished for a little magic, as well!

This summer my wish truly came true.

I could never wish for a better manager than Brett. He hand picked and worked daily to build a team in the dining room well versed on the points of good service but more importantly who also understands that good service, great service, requires the ability to look at your guests and listen to what they would like and make it happen.

Cindy Gillings has been at the heart of the café staff since she joined us in 2000. Incredibly detailed and thorough, she manages the bar and holds us all together with her gentle, kind manner. The summer was tough on the kitchen. Lucy lost her father and Cruz a son. Alex¹s daughter become seriously ill and needed her mother with her. These people are like family and everyone knuckled down to cover shifts and be there to support each other. Through these times, we never missed a beat.

Orders came in. Food went out and guests left happy. I have never had the privilege to work with such a dedicated team.

None of this would ever even happen without the wonderful people who support the café year after year. Sharing their joys, celebrations, graduations, birthdays is why the staff comes together. It deepens the meaning of "working our craft."

August 31st will mark the end of our summer season this year....We are planning lots of mini celebrations to mark the end of this season and the promise of many more to come!

I am truly grateful to all of you!

A sincere thanks you to all that have fulfilled the wish for just a little magic! You are the magic!

See you soon in the Garden!

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