Honey Elixir Bar Will Offer Health-Focused Cocktails and Mocktails

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RiNo is getting an unconventional new bar, where booze is only a small part of the draw. Honey Elixir Bar will soon open at 2636 Walnut Street as a space for health-focused cocktails and mocktails, as well as wellness drinks during the day, in a relaxed and comfortable setting.

Owner Jocasta Hanson says she's combining her passions for health, psychology, community and art to bring something totally different to Denver’s bar scene. Hanson’s goal is to create a welcoming environment to foster connection and creativity. “I want to create an impact on community and a space for people to come and feel connection to the space itself and other people,” she explains. “The fact that my life has taken a beautiful, interesting turn to offer something to Denver in this way is really special to me.”

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During the day, Honey Elixir Bar will serve drinking chocolates in addition to teas and other health-focused beverages.
Bonny Pacheco Photography
All of the drinks at Honey Elixir Bar will incorporate medicinal herbs, superfoods and other botanicals. During the day, drinks will include teas, superfood smoothies and locally brewed kefirs and kombuchas, as well as a big focus on cacao, which promotes cerebral stimulation, serotonin, dopamine and clarity, according to Hanson (who has reduced her coffee intake in favor of mineral-rich cacao). There will also be matcha and housemade chai.

Hanson plans to provide plenty of non-alcoholic options that are still thoughtfully curated. Cocktails and mocktails with herbal elements will take over the menu in the evening, along with local cider and mead, kava-based drinks and jun, which is similar to kombucha but is made with honey instead of sugar.

“Alcohol lubricates the social sphere, but there are other things that also do that,” she points out.

A small food slate will comprise simple snacks also based on a goal of wellness. Overnight oats made by soaking oats in housemade nut milk with adaptogen powder, nuts and seeds will be offered during the day, while in the evening guests will be able to choose from olives, candied cacao beans, roasted nuts, build-your-own cheese boards, a honey sampler and vegan desserts from local bakeries.

Along with a relaxed and cozy environment, Hanson plans to support mental health for guests by offering support groups for grief and chronic pain. "Honey is a place of magic, where community comes to connect, where the invitation is to unplug from the norm and embrace something novel," the bar's mission reads.

Follow Honey Elixir bar's website and Instagram page for more details and opening announcements.
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