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Hooked on Colfax turns to Kickstarter to help fund expansion

When Malissa and Scott Spero decided to expand Hooked on Colfax, their coffee shop on Colfax, they didn't anticipate an expensive, five-month wait to get their permits from the City of Denver.

By the time the Speros finally got the go-ahead from the city, though, cost overruns had put the Hooked project $15,000 over budget for kitchen equipment, air-conditioning and other expenses. So as many local small businesses have already done, they turned to to tap into the community and keep the coffee pouring on East Colfax.

"We refuse to let a little bureaucracy destroy what it has taken seven years for us to build," said the pair in an e-mail to supporters.

When the new kitchen is in place, Hooked plans to expand its menu: offering eggs and pastries for the Bluebird neighborhood in the morning, and sandwiches and small plates (like bruschetta with strawberry balsamic ricotta) for the folks who flock to the area in the evening. The expanded spot will not only provide more elbow room for those who like to sit and sip, but will also give art lovers more space to admire periodic exhibitions, like Alyson Khan's recent show.

"When [people] shop local," Malissa notes, "they really are building their community."

And right now, Kickstarter donors are building their local coffee shop. A $10 donation on Kickstarter will get you a drink of your choice and an invite to the grand-opening party, which Malissa promises will feature two local bands, a DJ, prizes and giveaways. Big spenders, take note: Pledging $1,000 will net you free coffee for a year, while two grand will ensure you or someone you know a barista position -- seriously.

To check out that and a plethora of other possibilities, visit the Hooked on Colfax Kickstarter page here. The campaign ends on May 27.

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