Hungry for Denver Restaurant Week? Enter the next round in our dining contest!

Clear your calendar and unbuckle your belt: The tenth annual Denver Restaurant Week is only a week away. And unlike past years, when it sprawled well into March, this time DRW is really a week long: From February 22 through February 28. (For the first time this year, there will also be a second round in the summer -- from August 23 through August 29). And to whet your appetite for all the good meals ahead, we're giving away $50 gift certificates from some of the 300-plus participating restaurants. We've just awarded the first one, but we have more...

Hungry to win one? Keep reading to find out how.

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To enter the contest, all you have to do is share your favorite Denver Restaurant Week experience in the comments section below. If you already entered the first round, feel free to share that story again below -- we'll pick another winner on Monday.

Here's the first winner's story, from Co_hokie:

Last year I was lucky enough to snag the last remaining reservation for the Capital Grille - only catch it was for 10pm on a Tuesday night. Since my girlfriend and I are normally asleep by 10, we stayed up late by drinking espresso martinis at the bar next door before staggering in to dinner. The entire dining experience managed to sober us up fast - the impeccable service, intimate atmosphere, and melt-in-your-mouth steaks gave us the best dinner we've ever had. We were out until 2 that night and called in sick to work the next day. It was also the night our baby was conceived. We love you, Capital Grille.

The winter/summer split isn't the only change to Denver Restaurant Week this year. After a decade, the price has also gone up from the original $52.80 to $60 for a multi-course dinner for two, or $30 for one (not including tax or gratuity). To see menus from all the restaurants participating in this year's Denver Restaurant Week, go to Visit Denver's Denver Restaurant Week page.

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