If you have a totally awesome '80s costume, you could eat and drink for free at the Justice League party on Friday

We're eagerly anticipating

Friday's Justice League of Street Food party

, because in addition to eating ourselves sick at the

Deluxe Little Orange Rocket

, the

Inventing Room


Sully's Slice Truck

, the

Cupcake Truck


Biker Jim's




the Biscuit Bus


Pinche Tacos


Steamin' Demon

and the

Gastro Cart

while drinking ourselves ridiculous with beer from

Great Divide Brewing Co

, we get to do it all while wearing wayfarer sunglasses, headbands and side-ponytails.

And we're offering another opportunity to eat and drink for free.

This time, though, we're holding an on-site costume contest, and because we want to see your best '80s get-up, we're offering our prize to the person wearing the best '80s costume on Friday. That person will get to eat and drink free for the rest of the night -- and have the wristband to prove it.

If you want to enter, dig up sweet '80s gear, wear it to the party, and be at the DJ's table in the lot behind the ballpark at 29th and Huron by 6:30 p.m., where our panel of judges will channel Madonna to choose a winner.

Good luck.

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