Is Raekwon of the Wu-Tang Clan a beer nerd?

Last week, we wrote that Wu-Tang Clan member and solo rapper Ghostface Killah made a sort-of surprising move by okaying the use of his name on a beer made by Boulder-based Twisted Pine Brewing. Ghost just asked that Twisted Pine sent him a few cases of the incredibly spicy beer, called Ghost Face Killah.

Ghostface's Wu-Tang co-hort and longtime collaborator Raekwon is in Denver tonight at Summit Music Hall. In advance of his show, Backbeat writer Kyle Eustice asked Raekwon "the Chef" what his ideal beer would taste like.

Read his thoughts on brew below.

Kyle Eustice:
Considering your partner in rhyme Ghostface gave the okay for a Colorado brewery to name a beer after him, if you had a beer what would you want it to taste like?

I'm a big beer fan. I go back to the Old English 800 so I would definitely want it to be one of them brews that's kind of almost just a little better than Coors [laughs]. Coors gets you twisted though. It would have to be strong but taste good and go down smooth. I would call one the Lex 400 or Old Gold Lex 400 [laughs].

There you have it. Read the entire Raekwon interview on Backbeat.

Song is NSFW, natch. Put on some headphones.

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